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Carbon laser treatment

We are now offering a new treatment called carbon laser treatment. 
Here you will see some of the effects of with several treatments what kind of results you are looking at. 

These pictures were not done by myself but have been done with the same model of machine and company we have purchased ours from.

Here you will see improvement on this ladies fine lines and sun damage. Can be treated on the face, chest, neck and hands. It allows the particles to penetrate the pores and shatter epidermal keratinocytes and dirt.
Assisted by the lasers heat energy, the carbon powder with its good absorption properties penetrate into the dermis, stimulating the skin cells, repairing and encouraging the growth of collagen and elastic fibres.  
What is achieved is a complexion relieved wrinkles, open pores, age and sun spots and a complexion notably more luminous.
You can return immediately to work as it doesn't leave any trauma to the skin. 

                        Typically several treatments are needed.

For prices or any other info ring the studio or email us :)